True diversity is inclusive, comprehensive, and measurable.
We want to help by providing a community to share frameworks, research, and recommendations that can immediately benefit startup CEOs and employees.

About Project Include

Project Include is an open community working toward providing meaningful diversity and inclusion solutions for tech companies.

Change is hard, especially around a multidimensional issue like diversity. It is so uncomfortable for us to talk about the diversity problem that we have not been able to fix it.

Research has quantified the financial benefits of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. Despite this, we have yet to see significant improvement in diversity numbers.

We want to provide our perspectives, recommendations, materials, and tools to help CEOs and their teams build meaningful inclusion. We know how hard change is from our own experiences.

We are focusing our efforts on CEOs and management of early to mid-stage tech startups, where we believe change is possible and can have a broad impact on the industry and beyond.

We want the girls, people of color, and other underrepresented groups that we are encouraging to pursue STEM educations and future tech jobs to have real opportunities to succeed.

Ultimately, does your company give everyone a fair shot at success?

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Project Include has crafted a set of customizable recommendations for you, as CEOs, leaders, and managers, to accelerate diversity and inclusion within your startups.

Moving forward

We've covered a lot of ground. Now comes the hard part.

Project Include provides a starting point. Now it's up to you to take action. What should a CEO actually do to start? How do you tailor and implement a diversity plan that is right for your startup? Figure out where you are: How much diversity is in the company, in each function, in leadership, on each team? How much inclusivity is in the culture and the company?

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