Erica Joy Baker

Erica Joy Baker, Senior Engineer at Slack Technologies. Having worked in the tech industry for 15 years, Erica is a seasoned software engineer and an outspoken advocate for improving diversity in the industry. Her work at both Google and Slack has afforded her a firsthand look at what’s wrong (and what’s right) with the current initiatives aiming to diversify tech. In addition to her role as an engineer, Erica spends 20 percent of her time at Slack advocating for diversity and inclusion, both within and outside of the company.

bethanye McKinney Blount

bethanye McKinney Blount, Co-Founder and CEO at Cathy Labs. With over twenty years of experience working in technology, bethanye has led engineering teams at reddit, Linden Lab, EMI Music, and Facebook. MailRank, a startup she co-founded, was acquired by Facebook in 2011. In 2014, Business Insider included bethanye on their list of the 22 Most Powerful Women Engineers. She is both a startup advisor and mentor to other founders, focusing on technology leadership and developing diverse engineering organizations.

Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou, Software Engineer at Pinterest. Most recently on the home feed and recommendations team, Tracy had previously been a tech lead on the ads and web teams, and worked on infrastructure, API, email, and growth as well. Before Pinterest, she worked at Quora, also as an early engineer. In 2013, Tracy helped kick off the wave of tech company diversity data disclosures with a Github repository collecting numbers on women in engineering, and in doing so she became an accidental activist on the issue of diversity in tech. She was named to the Forbes Tech 30 under 30 list in 2014 and has been profiled in Vogue and WIRED for her work. Tracy is an advisor to Homebrew VC and is on reserve with the U.S. Digital Service.

Laura I. Gómez

Laura I. Gómez, Founder and CEO at Atipica. As a young immigrant to Silicon Valley, Laura grew up in Redwood City, the daughter of a single mother and nanny to several local tech leaders. At the age of 17, Laura had her first internship with Hewlett-Packard, which started her career in tech. Laura has worked at Google, YouTube, Jawbone, and Twitter, where she was a founding team member of the International team. Her passion for diversity in tech extends into her startup, Atipica, as well as her involvement with several non­profit organizations. Her passion is to lead data-driven initiatives that allow top level leaders to understand the business benefits of machine learning in recruiting and diversity.

Y-Vonne Hutchinson

Y-Vonne Hutchinson, former international labor rights lawyer and the founder of ReadySet, a diversity solutions firm based in Oakland, CA. ReadySet works in the areas of employment policy, strategy consulting, training, and recruiting to help startups attract, retain, and grow diverse talent. As a lawyer and advocate, she has worked with foreign governments, the U.S. Department of State, and the UN. She is a member of Harvard Law’s Institute for Global Law and Policy network and is an expert on labor relations and diversity in the workplace.

Freada Kapor Klein

Freada Kapor Klein, Partner at Kapor Capital and Kapor Center for Social Impact, and Founder/Board Chair at Level Playing Field Institute. For over four decades, Dr. Freada Kapor Klein has worked at the intersection of racial/social justice and tech, with particular expertise in the fields of human capital and bias mitigation. Dr. Kapor Klein is a pioneer in multiple regards: She started the first group on sexual harassment in the U.S.; launched innovative diversity and inclusion initiatives at a rapidly growing tech company long before it was front-page news; and is a seasoned researcher whose studies are utilized by countless organizations around the country to understand what hidden bias looks like and how the cumulative effects of subtle day-to-day experiences drive talent out the door. Over the years, Dr. Kapor Klein has advised thousands of CEOs who are responsible for millions of employees. She has lived through several eras of discussions about diversity followed by disinterest, and has been able to uniquely share what we can all learn from the peaks and valleys of the diversity movement.

Ellen Pao

Ellen Pao, investor, entrepreneur, and startup advisor. Most recently she was the interim CEO at reddit, where she notably implemented many changes to the site and company, including banning revenge porn and unauthorized nude photos. She previously ran its mobile, growth, and business development efforts. Prior to reddit, Ellen helped build startups for seven years as a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. She started her tech career in 1998, working at startups and BEA. Before moving into tech, she practiced corporate law in New York and Hong Kong for Cravath, Swaine & Moore. She currently speaks about diversity and inclusion in tech and is writing a book; in the past year she has written for Lenny Letter, The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and Re/code. Her efforts to call attention to discrimination issues have led to the term “Pao effect.”

Susan Wu

Susan Wu, entrepreneur and angel investor. She has been a contributor to the open source and online gaming communities since 1992. She is a member emeritus and former CMO of the Apache Software Foundation, an influential open source software organization. As an investor and advisor, she has been a contributor to Twitter, Square, reddit, Canva, LIFX, and many other consumer technology companies. As an entrepreneur, she has been co-founder of ohai, co-founder of (one of the first freelance labor platforms, NASDAQ IPO), founding partner at Obvious Corporation, co-founder of Above all Human, mentor to startup accelerators Startmate and Techstars, and currently is the Head of Stripe in Australia/New Zealand. She serves on the board of several organizations, including LaunchVIC, a $60M innovation fund based in Melbourne, Australia, and the Color Genomics Foundation, based in San Francisco.